Sundance 2016: Day 1

So this was my first Sundance! Also sort of my first film festival. My parents have been attending Sundance for years now, and this year is special, because they have actually executive produced a film that was in the festival this year (How to Tell You’re a Douchebag)! As a bit of a celebration they brought me along, and so I’m going to be cataloging all the movies I saw with little reviews, along with bigger reviews for any of the pictures I see that I think deserve it. Friday¬†was my first day, and I was able to see three movies. Belgica, Morris from America, and the already controversial Swiss Army Man. Let’s dig in!

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Steven Universe is One of the Best Shows on TV

I want to preface this by saying one thing. If you haven’t watched any Steven Universe, and you want to stay spoiler free, go watch Steven Universe, and then you can come back and we can think about Steven Universe. If you don’t know anything about Steven Universe, I implore you to trust me when I say it is worth your time, and the best way to watch it is to go in blind. Please, bring the joy that is Steven Universe into your life. If you have watched it, and you are caught up with the latest Steven Bomb (which finished airing on January 8th), press on, and let’s think about Steven Universe.

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Inside Out Makes It Okay to Cry in the Theater

I don’t remember crying at the beginning of Up. I can remember the opening sequence relatively vividly, but the rest of the movie is a blur. I remember Doug the talking dog. The balloons. A colorful bird? An airship? Some other dogs? While the opening sequence of Up is beautiful, even a recognizable masterpiece, the movie on the whole is of lower Pixar quality (which is still quite good).

Inside Out is a masterpiece all the way through. I was sitting in the middle of the theater, surrounded by families, kids, even teens on dates. And there I was, sobbing, tears streaming down my face, snot coming down my nose, and the full catharsis of the movie totally rocking me. The beginning of Up might be sadder, but Inside Out made that sadness okay.

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